Aaron Bennett abennett at
Thu Oct 12 20:36:52 UTC 2006


First of all a disclaimer: This is an attempted migration, leases, 
config, and all, from Win2K to ISC 3.0.4.  It's likely I've got some 
bugs in the two perl scripts  (one to migrate the config, one to migrate 
the leases).  That being disclaimed, when I restart my new ISC primary 
node, I get many, many lines like this:

Oct 12 16:29:12 jake dhcpd: bind update on from failover 
rejected: BNDUPD without CHADDR

What's odd about that is I have ddns-update-style none set at the top of 
dhcpd.conf; why is it trying a bind update?  Any ideas which one of the 
doubtless many things I did wrong are causing this?


- Aaron

Aaron Bennett
Sr. Unix Systems Administrator
Clark University ITS
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