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Thu Oct 12 20:54:45 UTC 2006

On Thu, Oct 12, 2006 at 04:36:52PM -0400, Aaron Bennett wrote:
> First of all a disclaimer: This is an attempted migration, leases, 
> config, and all, from Win2K to ISC 3.0.4.  It's likely I've got some 
> bugs in the two perl scripts  (one to migrate the config, one to migrate 
> the leases).  That being disclaimed, when I restart my new ISC primary 
> node, I get many, many lines like this:
> Oct 12 16:29:12 jake dhcpd: bind update on from failover 
> rejected: BNDUPD without CHADDR

This means your failover server transmitted an update for a lease
that was in the ACTIVE, EXPIRED, or RELEASED states, and did not
contain a chaddr option.

I'm guessing you wrote out a new dhcpd.leases based upon your Win2k
server's status, and...wrote out client identifiers and no 'hardware
ethernet' lines in the lease {} stanzas?

I dunno, but you know where to look.

> What's odd about that is I have ddns-update-style none set at the top of 
> dhcpd.conf; why is it trying a bind update?  Any ideas which one of the 
> doubtless many things I did wrong are causing this?

BNDUPD is a failover protocol message.  "Binding Update".

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