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Thu Sep 7 17:50:51 UTC 2006

Documentation is a funny thing.  Sometimes it makes RELNOTES,
sometimes we do it on the back of a napkin while at lunch.

I wanted to draw some attention to a change we didn't put in
RELNOTES in 3.1.0a1.

In the past we've included the drafts and RFCs that are relevant
to our software in the doc/ subdirectory.  This was very handy
for us as a way to say "these documents define the protocol we
were trying to implement - if we didn't, it's a bug."

Some of you have taken exception to this because of ISOC's
copyrights on RFCs and I-D's.

So in 3.1.0 we've removed those documents, and replaced them
with a single document that names the relevant documents (and
gives URLs to where to find them), a simple document collection.

It's under the same license as the software distribution.

It also tries to describe those situations where we're known
to differ from the reference.

Those of you interested in this, please have a look at
doc/References.* and let us know if this meets your copyright

Also, the software package is approx. 100 KB smaller without
all that pesky documentation.  This revelation makes me wonder
if we should just delete all those pesky manpages...

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