class options.

Gene Rackow rackow at
Fri Sep 8 14:52:56 UTC 2006

Simon Hobson made the following keystrokes:
 >Don't let the size of the config file get in the way - you are 
 >machine generating it (or I assume an included file) anyway so it 
 >really doesn't matter that much. All it needs is a bit of script 
 >editing and you can build just about any config you want.
I agree that I don't need to worry about the overall size
of the machine generated config, but when something goes
wrong, I need to be able to determine what is wrong, and 
how it got to that state.  The size and complexity of the
config file is sometimes more than I can grok, and the
way a machine does it may be different than my mind does it.

Right now that single host definition line is using an
assigned IP address, and the administration is going up.
In some cases there are 2 or 3 static addresses for the
machine on the different subnets that are in different buildings.
I'd rather just "pool" a range and have machines in that pool.
Overall I'm dealing with several class-B ranges both private
and public.  Many different subnets for different groups.
 >I hope what you mean there is that in another building you might have 
 >a similar construction but with (say) networks, 
 >, etc and 10.0.n.10-10.0.n.50 etc ranges.
Yes the other buildings all have their own seperate subnet ranges
on different IP ranges.  I'm dealing with several Class B ranges
and several 1000 machines, so I'm well aware of most networking
issues.  I was just hoping to simplify the configs.


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