Sharing 1 IP Address

Benjamin Wiechman benw at
Tue Sep 12 22:18:45 UTC 2006

Is there a quick and dirty way to allow the same IP address to be shared
among several devices? Basically this is the problem: we have several
customers on our wireless network who want to use more than one device but
don't want to buy a router. We don't want to give them more than one IP
since we run /27 blocks to reduce the impact of broadcast storms across our
wireless point to multipoint connections.

I would like to be able to lock it down so that those particular users can
connect more than one device if they wish but they will only be able to use
one address at a time. This will effectively limit them to one device on the
network at a time. I have the MAC addresses of each device, just need some
kind of configuration directive to lock them down.


Is this possible?


Ben Wiechman

Wisper Wireless Solutions, LLC

Wisper: 320.256.9477

Direct: 320.256.0184


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