Sharing 1 IP Address

Benjamin Wiechman benw at
Wed Sep 13 12:33:12 UTC 2006

I've no idea what your terms of service are, but if you only give a customer
one IP address, then you should be well within your rights to only give them
one address - if you are using dhcp based on mac address then it's
reasonable for you to insist on them only using one device.

Oh, there is another way - tell them to fake the MAC address on every device
so they are the same. From your end they will all appear to be the same
device, and it will confuse the hell out of them if they ever connect two
devices and can't figure out why the network doesn't work for either :-)

Confusing customers that was is great. Unfortunately for me that would also
confuse my tech support just as much if not more and that would NOT be
great. We have enough problems with them the way it is, but office politics
being what they are... :)

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