option 51 ' dhcp-lease-time' vs other lease time statements

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Tue Sep 19 18:11:15 UTC 2006

Aaron Bennett wrote:

>So it's an indication of W2K's brain-deadedness then, that it stores a
>SERVER setting as "option 51" which option 51 is really a
>client-setting?  I've chatted with the network engineer who maintains
>the W2K dhcp server here and he's confident that the figure stored as
>'option 51' is in fact the server-supplied lease time, an analog of the
>default-lease-time.   Bizzare, but easy enough to work around for me.

It's probably a matter of nomenclature. They could have called it 
foo-time and it would still be a setting to fix a specified lease 
time, as it is they've chosen to call it option-51 which is really 
what it is. I assume the default is to allow whatever the client asks 
for ?

The thing to remember is that the server is always in control of 
lease times. The client may request any length it wishes, but the 
server will determine what lease it actually gets.

But I agree, Windows server dhcp services are brain dead, along with 
the dns service - I've had the misfortune to meet both.

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