option 51 ' dhcp-lease-time' vs other lease time statements

Aaron Bennett abennett at clarku.edu
Tue Sep 19 17:44:15 UTC 2006

David W. Hankins wrote:
> If the client supplies option 51, the server selects a value close to
> the client-supplied value that falls between the min- and max-lease-time
> config options.
> If the client does not supply option 51, the server does the same thing
> except uses the default-lease-time (so it's a good idea to choose a
> default that is somewhere inside your min/max range).
So it's an indication of W2K's brain-deadedness then, that it stores a 
SERVER setting as "option 51" which option 51 is really a 
client-setting?  I've chatted with the network engineer who maintains 
the W2K dhcp server here and he's confident that the figure stored as 
'option 51' is in fact the server-supplied lease time, an analog of the 
default-lease-time.   Bizzare, but easy enough to work around for me.

> If you're using failover, a second layer of complexity is added.
Right, MCLT / etc, correct?  But for the purposes of the dhcp.conf file, 
no extra complexity, right?

Thanks for your time,

Aaron Bennett

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