setting option tftp-server-name not working

Oscar Ricardo Silva oscars at
Fri Sep 29 23:45:42 UTC 2006

I have some clients who are attempting to deliver Windows images using
PXE boot.  We're trying to setup dhcpd.conf and at this time it appears
the failure is on their end but I'm seeing some issues on dhcp.  We've
been asked to setup options 66 and 67 and while option 67 is sent in the
DHCPOFFER, I don't see option 66.

Using the "next-server" option works but they insist on getting option
66.  Why is the tftp-server-name not being sent?  Here's the dhcpd.conf

# PXE Boot test network - SER
subnet netmask {
         option routers;
         option domain-name "";
	option tftp-server-name "";
         option bootfile-name "boot\\x86\\";
         option subnet-mask;


Doing a packet capture I see that the client gets the "next-server" and
starts communicating with this next server.  But as I said, I don't see
option 66 set in the DHCPOFFER.  The contents of the DHCPOFFER are:

Client IP address: (
Your (client) IP address: (
Next Server IP address: (
Relay agent IP address: (
Client MAC address: 00:0f:1f:c0:bc:c9 (
Server host name not given
Boot file name not given
Magic cookie: (OK)
Option 53: DHCP Message Type = DHCP Offer
Option 54: Server Identifier =
Option 51: IP Address Lease Time = 10 minutes
Option 1:  Subnet Mask =
Option 3:  Router =
Option 6:  Domain Name Server
Option 15: Domain Name = ""
Option 67: Bootfile name = "boot\x86\"
End Option

Any information/suggestions would be appreciated.


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