setting option tftp-server-name not working

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Sat Sep 30 07:23:22 UTC 2006

Oscar Ricardo Silva wrote:

>I have some clients who are attempting to deliver Windows images using
>PXE boot.  We're trying to setup dhcpd.conf and at this time it appears
>the failure is on their end but I'm seeing some issues on dhcp.  We've
>been asked to setup options 66 and 67 and while option 67 is sent in the
>DHCPOFFER, I don't see option 66.

Does the client ask for it ? Sniff the requests and look at the 
options list. The default is that the server only supplies the 
options the client asks for as :

1) There can be more options defined than will fit in a packet

2) Sending a client something it didn't ask for is a waste of time 
since it's unlikely to use it.

You can override this with (IIRC) dhcp-option-list, but if the client 
doesn't ask for it, it probably won't do anything with it.

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