randomizing lease renewal?

Scott Helms khelms at zcorum.com
Mon Apr 2 13:05:39 UTC 2007

> People write features into software for two reasons : it's something 
> they personally want to see it do, or it's something that people want 
> to use. So far there's been no indication that the randomising lease 
> feature is something that people actually want to use - in fact I'm 
> sure we've had comments along the lines of "good, I can go back and 
> tell management that I can't do it" ! Given a near complete lack of 
> demand for this, and a long list of other features with a positive 
> demand - what would you write ?

The demand for this is going to be limited to service providers for the
most part. I get the impression (could be way off) that most people on
this list tend to use the ISC DHCP daemon for enterprise and educational
networks.  I'm not saying elevate the unheard requests (since logically
if service providers needed this they be saying so here right?) but that
the tendency in that vertical is to use one of the commercial vendors
most commonly Cisco's CNR.

> It literally is only in the last few weeks that we've had good 
> reasons put forward for this feature - before that I don't think any 
> of us could see a good use for it. It's not a 'religious' thing !

Excuse my approach here, some of the responses from the list made it
appear that way to me.

> You say that you don't have time to write it yourself - that's fair 
> enough, David gives you some hints how to move it up the task list ;-)

I may do just that, as I said earlier we wrote some scripting around ISC
to do what we needed but things would be cleaner if the daemon had the
function instead of an outside program.  We looked at becoming a member
of the DHCP Forum, but the pricing was a bit much :(

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