dhcp.conf relay howto?

Edwin Whitelaw Edwin.Whitelaw at nrvunwired.net
Tue Apr 24 13:55:36 UTC 2007

My dhcp server has multiple subnets on eth1 and it's correctly 
configured using shared-network for the locally attached clients.  If 
the remote dhcrelay host also comes in on eth1, should the subnet 
declaration for the remote network also go inside the shared-network?



Glenn Satchell wrote:
>> Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2007 11:07:19 -0700
>> From: Noah <admin2 at enabled.com>
>> Hi,
>> Is there a good How to so I can configure my dhcpd server to handle DHCP 
>> relayed leases for networks it is not directly attached to?
> Man dhcpd.conf, and look for the section near the top titled EXAMPLES.
> It shows a configuration with two subnets. In dhcpd.conf local subnets
> are configured exactly the same way as remote subnets. The dhcp server
> decodes incoming packets automatically and matches them up with the
> correct subnet for you.
> Where a relay agent has forwarded the request the agent inserts the
> address of the interface where the request came in, the so-called
> giaddr. From this information the dhcp server can decide which subnet
> is appropriate.
> regards,
> -glenn

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