[Solved] Dynamic vs static IP allocation w/r known MAC with 2 servers

Emmanuel Halbwachs Emmanuel.Halbwachs at obspm.fr
Thu Apr 26 17:26:37 UTC 2007


Bruce Hudson a écrit (Thu, Apr 26, 2007 at 09:31:40AM -0300) :
>     Not really, at least not on the server side. DHCP is designed to be
> client centric. The basic theory of operation is that the client selects
> somehow between the various offers and chooses the "best" one. Normally
> the best one is the first one is gets.

OK, so we want B to never answer, so A is the only one and thus the

> You've also told it that your two subnets are on
> separate VLANs. If you try wrapping them in a "shared-network" block so
> that it at least knows the subnet it is not authoritative for is on the
> same VLAN as the one it is, this MAY work. I have not tried mixing this
> way. 

That's it. I missed the "shared-network" directive in the manpage.

     shared-network VLAN1 {
         subnet netmask {
         subnet netmask {
             not authoritative;

And it works! 

At last for my test laptop. Let's test it in a broader test sample.

Thank you very much to all folks that replied.

Have a nice day,

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