Alex Sharaz A.Sharaz at
Fri Apr 27 10:52:21 UTC 2007


Can anyone tell me if omapi-perl-0.5.2 works with dhcpd 3.0.5


[root at dns0 omapi-perl-0.5.2]# make test

PERL_DL_NONLAZY=1 /usr/bin/perl "-Iblib/lib" "-Iblib/arch"


# Running under perl version 5.008 for linux

# Current time local: Fri Apr 27 11:50:01 2007

# Current time GMT:   Fri Apr 27 10:50:01 2007

# Using version 1.23

Loading OMAPI-perl libs....     ok 1

Connection test....             ok 2

Unable to issue a wait (68)

Create_host() test....          not ok 3

# Failed test 3 in at line 45

# line 45 is: (defined $H1) ? ok(1)  : ok(0);

Unable to open object (40)

make: *** [test_dynamic] Segmentation fault


I know I had it working  at one point, but now it just seems to wave two
fingers at me L


Basically, we've got an 802.1X wired setup here and i'd like to use
omapi-perl  in a hook on our radius server to grab the lease details
associated with MAC address of the authenticating client





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