Can PPTP client request the DHCPINFO via the PPP interface(s)?

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Fri Aug 10 06:40:03 UTC 2007

Tian Tian wrote:

>You are right, the pptp client gets the address from
>the pptp server not the DHCPd. But the pptp client
>also try to get other info like the DNS info from the
>dhcp server. I saw the DHCPINFO request from the
>sniffer, it seems the dhcpd doesn't receive the

It is normal for the PPP server to hand out this information - having 
obtained it if necessary from the DHCP server.

At 19:11 -0700 9/8/07, Matt Cowger wrote:
>If you are relying on your DHCP server to provide answers to those 
>requests, you will indeed need to bind it to the ppp interface.

Don't forget that the ISC server doesn't bind (IIRC) with a PPP 
interface. It will work fine if the PPP server is on another machine 
AND that other machine also correctly handles the packets correctly 
(relaying if required - but the same limitation applies !).

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