Getting IP range for different network

Abu Abdulla alhanbali montaqa at
Sun Aug 26 10:43:41 UTC 2007

Dear all,
Is there a way that specific devices receive different IP range from the
subnet that it is in using dhcp-client-identifier.

for example I have a voice unit in a network ( that should
receive a private ip (e.g. The relay agent for the unit is and it has a Client identifier of "SipuraTe" (Client MAC address:
SipuraTe_e8:4e:bf). This is because I don't know if the gatway of the device
( support DHCP relay agent or not.

So all nodes with that network ( should receive IPs within the
range - 254 except the devices that has "SipuraTe" Client
identifier in which they should receive IPs within the range of -

I tried this without success:

subnet netmask
  option subnet-mask;
  option routers;
    match if substring (option dhcp-client-identifier, 1, 7) = "SipuraTe";


Thanks in advance

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