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Hi Daniel,

I'm looking exactly for the same functionality, but for another reason. I posted a request some time ago but didn't receive any answer so far. I know most of the DTM tool can do this and technically it shouldn't be a problem for the dhcp server. Perhaps a "PXE proxy" functionality can be implemented in the next release. Would be great for all this "add-on" deployment applications based on PXElinux, tftp etc. to do scripted kickstart, autoyast, unattended installations.


>>> Daniel Wells<daniel_wells at> 30.11.2007 16:59 >>>
So it would seem from your response that dhcpd is not capable of performing a DHCPOFFER with only the PXE options?  There are lots of (proprietary) products out there that do this but we were hoping to use an open product to handle the PXE response.  One example is the Altiris PXE server which we have been using for years on campus (DHCP is handled by our central DHCP Server and Altiris handles the PXE options).  The PXE client sends out its Discover which is routed to both the DHCP server and the Altiris server.  They both respond with their respective option and the PXE boot happens beautifully.  Of course their PXE server is built specifically for use with their management and imaging tools.

We really want to have a separate (from DHCP) Campus wide PXE solution.  But if what you are saying is true, dhcpd will not help us achieve this.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

Thanks for your response.

- Daniel

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Daniel Wells wrote:

>I would appreciate any help anyone could offer on this subject (and
>no we can't just modify our campus DHCP to offer the PXE options).

Hmm, then I would suggest that your DHCP implementation and
management process is broken because this is exactly what you NEED to
do for this to work properly.

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