Not Authoritative for Subnet

stephane lepain s.lepain at
Mon Dec 3 21:44:47 UTC 2007

Hi Bruce,

What got me off here is that the ipconfig/all replied the correct ip  
address and no NIC problems at all. I solved it in looking my router  
which wasnt doing well with DHCP. So Vista is as well working now. My  
second pb is that I have two NIC on my Vista box, and DHCP constently  
connects to the second one which throws off SQUID. Is it possible to  
force DHCP to connect to one NIC instead of the other? I thought that  
by adding a static IP address that would do the trick but obviously  
it doesn't.



Le 3 déc. 07 à 22:33, Bruce Hudson a écrit :

>> I am a newbie so please go easy on me and forgive for any mistake.
>> I have a network with Vista connected via ethernet plus a laptop
>> connected on wifi to my network. I have installed DHCP3 Server and I
>> am forcing Vista to use a static IP address. On my laptop it is a
>> dynamic one from the range i have put in dhcpd.conf file. My laptop
>> is doing fine with a dynamic ip address that is given by my dhcp
>> server but vista refuses to work. I looked in /var/log/syslog and the
>> error message says 'DHCP INFORM from via eth1; not
>> authoritative for subnet' I dont get it as I have
>> commented the option authoritative in the dhcpd.conf file.
>> Could anyone please give me a hand? I would really appreciate it.
>     You say that you've commented out the "authoritative" directive
> in the config file and the sever defaults to being non-authoritative
> so the error message that said "not authoritative for subnet" was
> correct. The server does give DHCPINFORM replies unless it is
> authoritative.
>     Vista uses the DHCPINFORM mechanism to get additional parameters
> that it either did not get in its initial DHCP dialog or which were
> not configured statically. The default gateway and DNS servers are
> likely candidates that come to mind but it could be asking for just
> about anything. Without some better diagnostic that "refuses to work"
> it is hard to say what is wrong. What does "IPCONFIG/ALL" say?
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