Regarding DHCP relay agent on Linux

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Sat Feb 17 09:03:52 UTC 2007

pranab bohra wrote:

>Problem Statement - Our product ( which runs on NCGL ) has 2 LAN interfaces
>and I am using it as a relay agent(RA). It seems that we need to enable
>Relay Agent on both the interfaces ( Lan1 and Lan2)  for the DHCP messages
>to pass through. The relay agent doesnt work if I enable it on only one
>interface Lan1 (client side).

This comes up with almost monotonous regularity on this list !

You are correct, the ISC relay agent DOES have to be configured to 
listen on both interfaces. Furthermore, there are restrictions on 
what networks types they may be due to the requirement to 
generate/handle raw packets at a low level - and only having coded 
for a very few types (eg ethernet).

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