VLANs and dhcpd config

Andrey Joukov jav at dev.aelita.com
Sat Feb 17 12:48:12 UTC 2007

Hi Gents,

I read some docs and this mail list and don't understand, how to
realise my simple configuration.

There is some vlans, connected through L3 switch.
Dhcp server (3.0.5) will be located in the separated vlan.
Each vlan has the ip helper-address configuration, which will be pointed to
the dhcpd server.
There don't exist clients in the dhcp server's vlan.

I need to configure dhcpd to lease ip addresses for these vlans.
Can dhcpd server obtain the ip addresses by vlan number (i.e. relay agent
ip address) ? How do it ?

As I understand, my configuration should be:

# i don't need the shared-network declaration, eh ?

# empty declaration for dhcpd server network
subnet { }

# vlan 2
subnet {
   pool { bla-bla-bla }

# vlan 3
subnet {
   pool { bla-bla-bla }

# vlan 4
subnet {
   pool { bla-bla-bla }

Is it correct ?

Why don't inlcude this simple example in the man page/faq ?


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