How to configure multiple ipaddress per mac address

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Thu Feb 22 23:27:33 UTC 2007

Ligesh wrote:

>  >     The protocol certainly supports multiple IP address per ethernet card.
>>  The limitation is that it only supports a single IP address per "primary
>>  key". This key is either the ethernet address (the most commonly used
>>  default) or a specified client identifier.
>>      What you need is a client that specifies a different client identifier
>>  for each virtual interface. If you want to assign fixed IP addresses then
>>  your host declarations (1 per virtual interface despite the name) would
>  > specify the client identifiers instead of a hardware address.

>  OK, so simply coma separated ipaddress for each mac won't work. :-) 
>Anyway, do you have any idea whether windows supports this? I have 
>been searching around in google, but couldn't find any info on 
>multiple ips per ethernet card setups. It seems to be rare, 
>especially considering that redhat explicitly doesn't support it. 
>Anyway, could you point me to some documentation regarding this kind 
>of setup, especially where MS windows is the client?

I don't think ANY client supports it directly, out of the box - and 
I'd be VERY surprised if it was possible to get the Windows client to 
do it (at least for it's own use). I don't know if the ISC client 
will do it easily - but it will definitely need some manual 

Personally, I suspect that by the time you've manually configured the 
client to request multiple addresses and configured the dhcp server 
to give fixed address, it would have been quicker and easier to 
manually configure the client with IP addresses.

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