Omshell, omapi & listing leases

Niall O'Reilly Niall.oReilly at
Fri Jul 6 08:53:24 UTC 2007

On 5 Jul 2007, at 11:27, Bertrand Paquet wrote:

> I want to list all leases which are actually active on my dhcp  
> server. I
> can't read dhcp leases file because I want to list leases remotely.

	It may be worth considering just where to draw the line between
	remote and local processing.

	You suggest using remote omapi to gather detail to a central
	system where you prepare your reports (for some definition of
	"report").  Another idea would be to build a partial report directly
	from the leases file and arrange for the central system to collect
	and integrate the partial reports.

	Here we monitor lease occupancy by subnet, with two or more pools
	per subnet, distributed over a pair (per site) of DHCP servers.
	We periodically read the local leases file and place the "report"
	in a standard place so that a remote system can give the illusion
	of a single central display covering each pair of DHCP servers.
	My colleagues in Network Operations find this useful.

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