ISC DHCPD giving out reserved IPs for non-reserved hosts

Scott Lacy LACY_S at
Fri Jul 6 19:31:04 UTC 2007

I have a DHCP server running ISC DHCPD v3.0.3 on Fedora Core.  I am 
having an issue where dhcpd is giving out leases for reserved IP 
addresses to hosts other than that which the addresses are reserved 
for.  There are no indication in the logs of any conflicts.  The logs 
look fairly vanilla and there was no indication of any trouble until I 
got a call about an IP conflict with the machine the reservation is 
for.  The only quick way to resolve the problem was to power down the 
offending device.  Even removing the newly-issued lease from DHCP and 
having the other device pull an address did not seem to help.

Is there anything that jumps out to any of you as far as things I should 
check my configuration for?  I've run this installation for almost a 
year and I've had this come up twice in the last month, both on networks 
that were set up in DHCP long ago.


Scott Lacy
Systems Manager
Mercer University

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