DHCP config file sysntax error check

Mike Bristow mike at urgle.com
Fri Jul 20 10:08:40 UTC 2007

On Thu, Jul 19, 2007 at 11:29:38AM -0500, Armando Gonz?lez Arellanos wrote:
> I installed the DHCP on a new computer. I configurate my server but when I
> tried to start it I only receive the FAIL message (I use RHEL5 ) I other
> version I receive a message with the syntax error of my file.
> How can I activate this option of ?debugging? I would like to know how can I
> activate this option. I would like that DCHP checks my config file before it
> run.

If one system starts DHCPD with the -q flag (eg: /usr/sbin/dhcpd -q)
then it will be quiet when starting dhcpd.  This will supress a
copyright message, and also messages about syntax errors found when
parsing the config file.

If the other system starts DHCPD without the -q then the copyright
message and a description of the syntax error will be printed.

In both cases the config file is parsed, and if a syntax error is
found then dhcpd stops.

Of course, there could be other causes of what you see; I'm not
familiar with the startup scripts of RHEL, so my suggestion may be


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