DHCP config file sysntax error check

Dawn Keenan dkeenan at ist.uwaterloo.ca
Fri Jul 20 18:37:12 UTC 2007

Armando González Arellanos wrote:
> Hi
> I installed the DHCP on a new computer. I configurate my server but when I
> tried to start it I only receive the FAIL message (I use RHEL5 ) I other
> version I receive a message with the syntax error of my file.

You can run dhcpd with the '-t' option to check the configuration file 
and not start a daemon.  It should provide error messages and a nonzero 
return code if there is a configuration problem.  To only get output 
when there is an error, add '-q' to the options.

Dawn Keenan, IST, University of Waterloo

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