bootp and ignore dhcp?

Scott Moser smoser at
Wed Jul 25 20:06:00 UTC 2007

Hi all,
    I'm trying to use dhcpd as a bootp server and have it ignore all dhcp
requests.  Does anyone know if this is possible?  The reason for this
somewhat odd request is that I'm not the network administrator, and do
not want to interfere at all with any dhcp requests on the network.
However, I want to be able to boot a power system with the following
openfirmware command:
   boot \
     /pci at 8000000f8000000/pci at 0/ethernet at 1,1:server.ip,yaboot,client.ip
    where server.ip and client.ip are the bootp server and client system

    I can make this work easily enough using a configuration like below.
The problem is that if I'm able to get the dhcpd server to respond
successfully to the bootp request from the machine, then it will also
respond to the given client's dhcp request after boot (if it is set to
do dhcp).
    Is there a way that I can configure dhcpd to answer the bootp
requests for known clients, but ignore *all* other requests ?  If its
not possible, does anyone have any other suggestions to accomplish what
I'm after?

----- example configuration -----
subnet netmask {
   ignore unknown-clients;
   filename "/yaboot";
   host ibm-js21-03 {
     hardware ethernet 00:0d:60:1e:87:bd;

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