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hey  Matt,

I am sure of these steps I am listing below and want you to make sure
about the things as mentioned:

1.Make sure that the DHCP server IP address falls in the same network
range as the scope it is servicing. For example, a server with an IP
address in the network cannot assign addresses from scope unless superscopes are used.

2.A DHCP server can provide IP addresses to client computers on remote
multiple subnets only if the router that separates them can act as a DHCP
relay agent.

3.Multiple DHCP servers exist on the same local area network (LAN).

If you make sure the above things are not the cause of your problem, just
do one thing in your dhcpd.conf file

1.while defining range for your dhcp clients (for eg: 192.168.0/24),put
address lease range starting from

2.Assign any of the ips before to make sure if your ethernet
card /wan card is able to pick up the number manually.

3.If manual addressing is okey,then i think you have to check time limit
of the dhcpclients and mac restrictions if any accidently configured in
your conf file.

4.Or if u want me to help u more specifically ,let me see your dhcpd.conf
file ,i will check it and let you know the exact problem..



See also:  DHCP Best Practices; Configuring scopes
> Can you show your dhcpd.conf file?
> shishir
> Matt Ashfield wrote:
>> I'm seeing the "no free leases" error pop up for a specific mac address.
>> This laptop generates this error everytime. However other machines on
>> the
>> same subnet are able to get an address. I do not see the problematic mac
>> address in the dhcp.leases file.
>> Any advice is appreaciated.
>> Thanks
>> Matt
>> mda at

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