vista, dns woes ?

James Clark Calloway callowayj at
Tue Jun 5 14:54:17 UTC 2007

Hi Folks,

Has anyone had any problem regarding VISTA and DNS servers ? Our dhcp 
configuration is set up so that unregistered (unknown) clients get dns 
servers that resolve only to our registration system. We've done it this 
way for years with few problems.

VISTA sometimes throws in a DHCPINFORM after already getting the correct 
DNS servers from DHCP. This seems to confuse DHCP into giving it the good 
"known" dns servers.

I had  one of our network guys do a trace and it seems to follow:

         Client -- DHCPDISCOVER
         Server -- DHCPOFFER    (offers the proper DNS server)
         Client -- DHCPREQUEST  (requests the proper DNS server)
         Server -- DHCPACK (gives the client the proper DNS server)

so far so good ... but then:

         Client -- DHCPINFORM
         Server -- DHCPACK (gives the client the improper DNS server)

I can cull more specific info together .. I was just wondering if anyone 
else was experiencing this. We're running 3.0.5.

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