problem with dhcp setup

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Tue Jun 19 06:48:32 UTC 2007

At 12:20 -0400 18/6/07, John Jason Brzozowski (CISSP, RHCT) wrote:
>So if a client requests no options, the ADVERTISE/REPLY will contain no
>options at all?
>Just because a client does not request options does not absolutely indicate
>that the client does not know how to handle the same.

If a client doesn't request an option it needs then it's broken and 
there should be no expectation of it working ! It should not be down 
to one piece of software to second guess what someone else broke and 
fix it for them. While most clients seem reasonably 'sane', we have 
come across a few which are broken in very ingenious ways - how about 
one that doesn't ask for a default gateway but as well as this will 
not accept a lease that is less than 2 years long ?

There are however a handful of options (address, subnet mask, gateway 
I think) that are automatically sent even if the client doesn't 
request them.

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