problem with dhcp setup

John Jason Brzozowski (CISSP, RHCT) jjmb at
Tue Jun 19 12:58:15 UTC 2007


I do agree with you, however, I am sure you would agree that DHCP servers
have been accounting for client shortcomings for quite some time.  As much
as I hate to admit it this I suspect this will continue as we the adoption
of IPv6 advances.  You seem to be alluding to this below, in fact, you cite
some great examples.


On 6/19/07 2:48 AM, "Simon Hobson" <dhcp1 at> wrote:

> At 12:20 -0400 18/6/07, John Jason Brzozowski (CISSP, RHCT) wrote:
>> So if a client requests no options, the ADVERTISE/REPLY will contain no
>> options at all?
>> Just because a client does not request options does not absolutely indicate
>> that the client does not know how to handle the same.
> If a client doesn't request an option it needs then it's broken and
> there should be no expectation of it working ! It should not be down
> to one piece of software to second guess what someone else broke and
> fix it for them. While most clients seem reasonably 'sane', we have
> come across a few which are broken in very ingenious ways - how about
> one that doesn't ask for a default gateway but as well as this will
> not accept a lease that is less than 2 years long ?
> There are however a handful of options (address, subnet mask, gateway
> I think) that are automatically sent even if the client doesn't
> request them.

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