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Richard Migneron richard at
Wed Jun 20 14:22:59 UTC 2007

We are trying to integrate the Alcatel 40x8 series phone to get an ip via
our DHCP server.

So I've created the following in my dhcpd.conf :

option alcatel-host-ip code 66 = ip-address;
option alcatel-host-ip;


option vendor-class-id code 60 = text;
class "alcatel-phone"   { match if substring (option vendor-class-id, 0, 16)
= "alcatel.tsc-ip.0"; }
# class "alcatel-phone" { match pick-first-value (option
dhcp-client-identifier, hardware); }


subnet netmask {
    max-lease-time 600;

#   deny client-updates;

    one-lease-per-client on;

    option broadcast-address;
    option routers;

    ddns-domainname "";

    option fqdn.fqdn "";

    pool { allow members of "pc-class"; allow members of "pxe-clients";
range; }

    pool { allow members of "alcatel-phone"; range; }

When running dhcpd in debug, I'm getting :

DHCPDISCOVER from 00:80:9f:56:65:e1 via network 1.1.151/24: no
free leases

Now if I go with the "class "alcatel-phone" { match pick-first-value (option
dhcp-client-identifier, hardware); }" and include the an host line with the
right MAC@, no problem it gets its IP address.

Anybody has ever managed to get Alcatel phones to work ????  If so what
gives in my configuration ???


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