SV: Allow statement in pool

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Thu Mar 1 18:03:55 UTC 2007

Lars Jacobsen wrote:

>  > typically you need to look at the logic as statement resolutions
>>  so something like
>>  allow ( (member of ch1) AND (member of stb) )
>  > is closer to what you mean.

>I tried that and similar expressions and it wont work.
>I gues that the problem is the expression is then evaluated to the
>values "true" or "null". And these two parameters are not valid
>statements in the allow statement within a pool. Only
>Members of "class"
>Dynamic bootp clients;
>Authenticated clients;
>All clients;
>Are valid statements after the allow/deny keywords. :-/
>Off cource I can do the validation and then classify them to a 3. class,
>but that is a hell off a job, as I already have over 1.000 classes like

The most obvious way I can see of doing it would be either :

class_x { match if X }
class_y { match if Y }
class_xy { match if member of "class_x" and member of "class_y" }


class_xy { match if ( X and Y ) }

where X and Y are your matching conditions. You'll have to look in 
the man pages and work out the right syntax, that's only a rough 

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