SV: SV: Allow statement in pool

Lars Jacobsen lj at
Fri Mar 2 06:45:49 UTC 2007

> Simon Hobson
> The most obvious way I can see of doing it would be either :
> class_x { match if X }
> class_y { match if Y }
> class_xy { match if member of "class_x" and member of "class_y" }
> or
> class_xy { match if ( X and Y ) }
> where X and Y are your matching conditions. You'll have to look in
> the man pages and work out the right syntax, that's only a rough
> outline.

Yes, that's also my conclusion now. 
I have to make a 3. class, since the evaluation syntax in the allow
statement does not work the way I want it to.
So class_xy { match if member of "class_x" and member of "class_y" }
will probably be the solution.

I noticed that you use both () and {} in one of the examples. Is there
any difference to the server or is it just for making it easy for us
humans to distinguish between the logic ?


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