Dhcpd versus Windows Vista

A.J. Werkman AJ.Werkman at digifarma.nl
Mon Mar 12 08:36:42 UTC 2007


I experience difficulty with Windows Vista accepting a DHCP lease from the 
isc server, from which I can not directly pinpoint the origin of the 
problem. It appears that Vista is not accepting a lease when it has no open 
connection to the internet.

Now I find on the microsoft this article about DHCP problems:

My in depth knowledge of the DHCP process is not very good. Can someone on 
this list tell me if the problem microsoft describes has somthing to do 
with the problem I see.

When Vista fails to accept a lease, I see on the server log that the server 
get a DHCP request and send a DHCP offer, but this offer is not 
acknowledged when I am behind a closed firewall. As soon as I open the 
firewall by configuring NAT ( I am on a privat IP range), I see a normal 
DHCP sequence in the logfile.

If not relevant to my problem, can this microsoft bug be relevant in 
combination with the ISC server?

Regards, Koos.

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