SAFELY removing bogus entries in dhcpd.leases

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Wed Mar 14 23:02:09 UTC 2007

Doug Caviness wrote:

>I have a failover configuration on two Solaris 9 machines using ISC
>3.0.1. There are 3 subnets (,,
>configured in dhcpd.conf that no longer exist and I want to remove them
>from DHCP. However when I commented out one of them on both servers,
>then rebooted dhcp one at a time I got lot's of error messages. No, I
>don't remember what the messages were. I just uncommented real quickly.

I'm guessing that you got an error, one per IP address previously 
used, that the address was invalid. The server would then discard the 
invalid lease.

After the next re-write of the leases file you would find the invalid 
leases gone for good I think.

Because you didn't leave the server running for long enough to 
re-write it's lease file, they all remained to annow you.

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