Problem with DHCP-enabled clients

Phusion phusion2k at
Sat Mar 31 02:36:15 UTC 2007

I am having a problem with DHCP-enabled clients on my test network.
The servers are running on the domain while the DHCP-enabled
clients are on the domain. The DHCP computers get
domain names of The DNS server is named This server also runs the DHCP service. These
computers are having problems pinging the computers on the

- ping from to works
- ping from to dns fails

Here is a copy of the dhcpd.conf file.

option domain-name "";
option domain-name-servers;

default-lease-time 1800;
max-lease-time 3600;
ddns-domainname "";
ddns-update-style interim;
one-lease-per-client true;
pid-file-name "/var/run/";
log-facility local7;

key mdnlan {
        algorithm HMAC-MD5.SIG-ALG.REG.INT;
        secret yfmizFMbQwJGDEAscbDv9+bnnxHUkzKoNbDvBm8pUEiwBZBkjEFni5RDvE9l5eRh5iVa9DzZaEo/iqLSErL6Pg==;

zone {
        key mdnlan;

zone {
        key mdnlan;

subnet netmask {
  option routers;
  pool {

I'm not sure what the problem is. Let me know. Thanks.


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