Duplicate lease, different ip.

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu May 3 06:56:02 UTC 2007

Douglas Power wrote:

>I have applied the patch from <http://www.cs.tau.ac.il/~didi/dhcp/> to
>V3.1.0a3 and this fixes the duplicate but I am unable to start the
>service through init.d as it gives me a usage error:
>Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Server V3.1.0a3
>Copyright 2004-2007 Internet Systems Consortium.
>All rights reserved.
>Usage: dhcpd [-p <UDP port #>] [-d] [-f]
>              [-cf config-file] [-lf lease-file]
>                    [-tf trace-output-file]
>                    [-play trace-input-file]
>              [-t] [-T] [-s server] [if0 [...ifN]]

Typically the init.d script does various system specific things when 
invoking a program - for example on a Debian based system it may well 
pull in options from /etc/default/<programname> and pass then as 
command line arguments. If there is a chroot option, then most likely 
that is being handled by the script OR the previous version was a 
distro-specific one with some modifications.

You'll need to look through the script to find out what it's doing I'm afraid.

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