Windows leases through a PC reset

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Tue May 8 22:24:13 UTC 2007


>to be clear ( I don't think my original post was after I read it 
>myself ) - the situation is one where the DHCP
>server is up and operational at a corporate headquarters - a remote 
>PC off the corporate WAN is cut off from the headquarters (say a WAN 
>outage has occurred).  What happens what that PC reboots and can't 
>"see" the DHCP server ?

I was thinking 'server down', but it doesn't matter as the effect is the same.

>I find Simon's observation that it may check other things (i.e. a 
>ping of its last known default gateway) interesting.
>In the case described above, the PC would in fact be able to ping 
>its default gateway it last had (say a local layer 3 switch), but 
>not be able to talk to the DHCP server.

It would be the router it checks - I guess a L3 switch is really just 
a switch with embedded router. I suspect that it does an ARP request 
and checks to see if the same device responds. I'm curious now, I'll 
check tomorrow !

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