How dhcpd chooses which server to send DDNS updates

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Fri May 18 14:04:16 UTC 2007

At 08:23 -0500 18/5/07, John Hascall wrote:
>  > How about a 3 line change to dhcpd.conf to define the name server for
>>  the zone? This is based on the entry in the dhcpd.conf man page under
>>       zone {
>>         primary;
>>       }
>>       The primary statement specifies the IP address of  the  name
>>       server whose zone information is to be updated.
>Does this apply if you are not using key-signed updates?
>If so, perhaps the man page should indicate this.
>PS, the code should still do it right, I'd need to add this
>     '3 line change' for over 1500 zones at present and then,
>     of course, I'd need to make sure I keep up with each new
>     zone added by the dns guys.

FWIW I'm inclined to agree with you. It's not that common a setup, 
but I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of the "must have an NS 
record" check is - it suggests that the SOA record can't be trusted.

Whether the SOA record is correct or not is of course up to the DNS 
admins for the zone - if they can't get that right then it's not 
DHCPDs fault !

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