Leases for fixed-address hosts not written to lease file?

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Wed May 23 06:28:31 UTC 2007

Steve van der Burg wrote:

>Using dhcpd-3.0.4, I can't seem to figure out why a lease given to a 
>host with configuration like this (pushed to the server via omshell)
>   host 00-19-bb-d7-8a-c2 {
>     dynamic;
>     hardware ethernet 00:19:bb:d7:8a:c2;
>     fixed-address;
>   }
>doesn't show up in the leases file.  I can see that the lease is 
>fine (by checking what the client gets), and all of my "normal" (ie. 
>no fixed address, just regular dynamic address assignment) leases 
>are logged just fine.
>Any ideas?


The server does not write lease records for such leases - on the 
basis that it doesn't need to, all the information it needs is in the 
config file.

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