Impossible case at mdb.c:2335

gerd at gerd at
Wed Sep 5 15:48:05 UTC 2007

I've been playing around with V3.0.1, specifically the 'reserved;' statement that goes into dhcpd.leases.  It seems that when I have a client acquire a lease and then stop the server to insert the 'reserved;' keyword into the dhcpd.leases file and then start the server, everything is happy.  If I then turn off that client (ie release the lease); connect a new client (new lease at a new IP address); stop the server; edit the dhcpd.leases file for the new client; and then try to start the server again ... I get this impossible case message seemingly because the lease for the original client is marked as 'free' AND 'reserved'.  I think that the logic is that a 'binding free' lease can't be a reserved one?  If that's the case, then it would seem that you have to 'trick' the leases file each time you update it into thinking that all of the reserved hosts have active leases--either that or i'm doing something wrong here?

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