Case Statement Syntax question

MacNeill, Scott Scott.MacNeill at
Mon Sep 17 17:52:33 UTC 2007

I have a syntax question around case statements.   I've been trying
using if / elseif / not , but not having much luck.

Today we expect all clients that match xxxyyy_05 to have the to date
client software.


In the example we have it set today that if anyone who matches 01 - 04,
we push file.ext.


I'd like to change it so that, the case statement would match so that
'anyone not at xxxyyy_05 gets file pushed',    that way later if we have
an xxxyyy_01.1 client , we don't have to have them defined in there.
They'll automatically be pushed file.ext


Class "xxx"


match if substring(option vendor-class-identifier,0,7) = "xxxyyy";

switch (option vendor-class-identifier)



case "xxxyyy_01":

case "xxxyyy_02":

case "xxxyyy_03":

case "xxxyyy_04":

option extensions-path = "file.ext";



set clli = option agent.circuit-id;



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