Vista doesn't ack dhcp offer

John Wobus jw354 at
Tue Sep 18 20:42:25 UTC 2007

We had about 1000 new students arrive with Vista and use our ISC
DHCP servers.  Is this an issue with your DHCP relays?

This brings Windows 95 to mind: I think it came out with the same

John Wobus
Cornell University

On Sep 18, 2007, at 3:30 PM, Doug Tucker wrote:

> I searched the archives, and honestly cannot believe I didn't see a
> million messages about this subject.  Searching google, I do find the
> million I expected, but no workable solution for me.  Please everyone,
> it's not going to help to get in a discussion about who is right on 
> this
> one, I just need a fix.  Everywhere I look all I see is links to the MS
> KB article requiring users
> to hack the registry to fix the problem.  While this does work, it
> doesn't work for our environment.  I work at a University, where all 
> the
> new incoming student bought brand new Vista laptops, that now won't 
> work
> with our dhcp server.  We are not set up to support all these students
> and help them change their registry settings, yet, we HAVE to provide
> them network access via dhcp.  They are coming to class and cannot work
> because they cannot get on.  Our dhcp server is debian, dhcp3-server
> version 3.0.4-13.  I tried setting the flag always-broadcast on; in the
> dhcpd.conf file, but it does not fix the issue.  Is there a way, since
> the Vista client is indeed meeting the allowed parameters in the rfc, 
> to
> configure the server to work with Vista?  Any help would be greatly
> appreciated, this is giving us big headaches right now.
> Sincerely,
> Doug

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