Vista doesn't ack dhcp offer

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at
Fri Sep 21 22:09:19 UTC 2007

Doug Tucker wrote:
>If anyone is interested, we found it.  Our gateway router had 
>filters on it to allow 80, 443, 21, 22...and then deny everything 
>else.  We added an allow for dhcp, and wallah, everything is 
>working.  What still has us scratching our heads, and why we kept 
>ruling that out, is even with the filter in place, dhcp still 
>worked, as long as the client dind't have the broadcast flag set. 
>Makes no sense to me, either dhcp is blocked or it isn't I would 
>think, reguardless of broadcast client flag.

Don't forget that the route taken by packets, and the destination 
address, depends on the mode of delivery. Perhaps if you posted the 
filters then someone might see an obvious answer.

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