Assigning host entries to diffrent subnets

Eric Bloodaxe E.Bloodaxe at
Thu Sep 27 11:51:55 UTC 2007

I have several networks on the same physical interface, I have set up 
dhcpd.conf along the lines:

shared-network goldall {
       subnet netmask {
.....various options...
subnet netmask {
     ......options.....             pool {
                       deny known clients;

I have a list of clients I want to associate with the various pools; 
however when I put host directives with in the subnet scopes I get the 
following warning:

WARNING: Host declarations are global.  They are not limited to the 
scope you declared them in.

So what I cannot figure out from is how to associate diffrent groups of 
host entries with diffrent  subnets?


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