Host with static entries in an other subnet

Patrick Cervicek patrick.postfix at
Fri Sep 28 20:06:59 UTC 2007

Simon Hobson schrieb:
> At 17:42 +0200 28/9/07, Patrick Cervicek wrote:
>> I tried to move the host-entry outside of the subnet declaration - 
>> didn't work. Using multiple host definitins wouldn't simplify the 
>> administration in our team, as we are separated between network- and 
>> windows-staff (installation).
>> Is there no easier way?
> It should, can you post your full config (with the hosts outside the 
> subnets), and a sample of log entries showing the problem.

We think, We found the problem. We had a file included with the 
following statement:

         pool {
         allow unknown-clients;
         max-lease-time 600;

we replaced it now with

   range dynamic-bootp;
   max-lease-time 600;

Thank you all,

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