have a question,please give me help,thank you very much!!

Simon Hobson dhcp1 at thehobsons.co.uk
Tue Apr 15 06:38:15 UTC 2008

gudujuan 52079 wrote:

>    The real configure is as following. I need 232 "share-network"s, 
>but when i restart the dhcpd service, the wrong information is 
>"interface eth0 mathes multiple shared networks".

What is the config on eth0 ?

My guess is that there is more than one subnet defined that includes 
the IP address of eth0.

>  do i need other configurations to support the multiple shared networks?


>          deny members of "voip-device";
>          deny members of "stb-device";

>          allow members of "voip-device";
>          deny members of "stb-device";

>          deny members of "voip-device";
>          allow members of "stb-device";

You should not mix allow and deny in one pool, it doesn't work as 
most people would expect ! You can use the implicit rules to do what 
you need here :

This one is OK, it allows devices that are not in either class.
          deny members of "voip-device";
          deny members of "stb-device";

Devices in class "stb-device" are implicitly denied, as are any other 
clients not in the voip-device class.
          allow members of "voip-device";

And similarly for this pool
          allow members of "stb-device";

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