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>Thanks for help. Reverse updating fine, Forward giving
>Forward map from HOST.DOMAIN to IP FAILED: Has an A
>record but no DHCID, not mine
>What I would like to have happen is that the update
>would occur based on the options in dhcpd.conf for
>that ethernet hardware address (ddns-hostname,
>I have 
>ddns-update-style interim;
>update-static-leases on;
>Thank you for help.

Probably the best way to get around this is to delete the existing A
record from DNS, then let dhcpd dynamically add it's own records.
Doing a release and renew on the client should be enough to force the
DNS update.

For forward records it adds the A record, plus a TXT record which
contains a hash of various identifiers (the DHCID) so that dhcpd can be
sure that next time it's updating a record that it put into the DNS
zone. The idea is to stop someone naming their PC with the same name as
an existing system, such as your Very Important Server, and modifying
the DNS entry.


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