Fwd: Dynamic DNS/DHCP

frank miller frankkmiller at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 21 14:47:45 UTC 2008

So you can't deploy DynDNS where you already have DNS
entries without deleting them all ??

> Probably the best way to get around this is to
> delete the existing A
> record from DNS, then let dhcpd dynamically add it's
> own records.
> Doing a release and renew on the client should be
> enough to force the
> DNS update.
> For forward records it adds the A record, plus a TXT
> record which
> contains a hash of various identifiers (the DHCID)
> so that dhcpd can be
> sure that next time it's updating a record that it
> put into the DNS
> zone. The idea is to stop someone naming their PC
> with the same name as
> an existing system, such as your Very Important
> Server, and modifying
> the DNS entry.
> regards,
> -glenn

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