Host only recognized when setting fixed address.

Dries Decock Dries.Decock at
Wed Apr 23 09:39:35 UTC 2008


we are using IPv6 in our lab and we want to define specific settings for
a host. We have a group with general settings and then specify hosts to
define their specific needs. When we do the following, it works :

group "modems" {
   option docsis.cablelabs-configuration-file
   option docsis.cablelabs-syslog-servers
   option docsis.tftp-servers 2001:10:1:1:219:d1ff:fe03:c27a;
   option docsis.time-servers 2001:10:1:1:219:d1ff:fe03:c27a;
   option docsis.time-offset 0;
   preferred-lifetime 1000;
   default-lease-time 2000;

   host mta1 {
        host-identifier option dhcp6.client-id
       fixed-address6 2001:10:137:2::0303:0404;
        option docsis.cablelabs-configuration-file

But, when we remove the fixed-address6 line, it is not recognised to be
that host. It gets a lease from the subnet range, but without the
specific settings. I wanted to add the line 

 allow known-hosts

to the subnet declaration, but this can only be done in a pool, which
can not be used for range6 declarations. A pool needs at least a range

Is there anybody who knows how to fix this ?

Best regards,

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